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500cc Oxygen Absorber (large pack)

500cc Oxygen Absorber (large pack)

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500cc Oxygen Absorber is packaged in sleeves of 50 pieces each

Nowadays, Oxygen Absorbers are widely recognized as the best way to maintain the shelf-life stability of herbs and edible products for long periods of time.

These absorbers can remove virtually all oxygen in packaging, as well as any oxygen that may permeate the package when used with gas flushed or non-gas flushed packaging. This helps to eliminate oxidation, pests, herb infections, and reproduction of microorganisms. As a result, it prevents spoilage, prolongs shelf life.

The contaminants that can be eliminated by using Oxygen Absorbers include fungi such as mold, mildew or yeast, worms, bugs, eggs, and larvae, as well as microorganisms.

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