Moisture Control for Cannabis

Interteck Packaging offers top-quality moisture absorbents developed and tested rigorously over 30 years, catering to various industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food safety. Their diverse range of desiccant products, including FDA-approved Tyvek Silica Gel Packets, serves multiple applications like ammo storage, food preservation, and moisture regulation, ensuring product freshness and safety without compromising quality.

  • FDA Approved
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How Boost Packets Work

What happens if there is too much moisture?

Excessive humidity in your cannabis container can lead to your valuable stash becoming overly moist, inviting the growth of mold and mildew—an outcome best avoided altogether. Moldy cannabis poses health risks when consumed, containing metabolic toxins that can harm the lungs and compromise the immune system. Investing in cannabis humidity packs serves as a preventive measure, safeguarding and ensuring the longevity of your cannabis supply.

What is the ideal humidity level for cannabis?

Typically recommended between 59 and 62 percent RH, with some enthusiasts preferring around 54 percent RH.

How Integra Boost packs work

Integra Boost humidity packs offer a superior solution for preserving moisture levels within cannabis packaging, ensuring the freshness of your favorite strains.

With a simple formula comprising of water and plant-based glycerin, encapsulated in biodegradable white kraft paper, these packs efficiently regulate humidity without introducing additional chemicals.

These packs feature a convenient replacement indicator card, notifying you when you need to replace the pack.

What size pack do I need?

Check out our size guide below!

Finding the Perfect Fit

Selecting the appropriate size ensures effective moisture control. Use this guide to select the pack best suited for your needs.

Using Integra Boost Packs

To use Integra Boost packs, simply place them in your cannabis containers to regulate humidity, ensuring optimal freshness and extending the shelf life of your products with ease.