100 cc Oxygen Absorbers
100 cc Oxygen Absorbers

100 cc Oxygen Absorbers

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Preservative free option to keep your herb and edibles fresh for an extended period of time.

Oxygen absorbers remove oxygen from inside your sealed edible package to as low as .01% greatly increasing your products shelf life.

Removing the oxygen from stored materials like food, medicine, and other valuables is key to long-term storage or preservation. Cannabis benefits greatly from being stored in an air-tight, oxygen free package. Once completely cured and dried, adding an oxygen absorbing package is a good way to ensure the product’s chances of being ‘fresh’ when opened for consumption at a much later date.

Oxygen scavengers are used to:
Help retain fresh flavor
Prevent oxidation of plant resins
Prevent oxidation of nutrients
Extends life of material
Inhibits mold
Delays browning of stored plant materials
Creates a pest-free environment

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