We at HumiBoost are super excited to announce that HumiBoost has joined hands with the folks at ‘Desiccare’ to bring growers a premier atmosphere control system Integra Boost, that provides growers with the most comprehensive drying and product integrity maintenance system available in the market.

HumiBoost provides a wide range of intelligently designed two-way humidity regulator suiting the requirements as the growing-environment varies. With all the features that it provides, Integra Boost is literally a must have for growers. Along with growing Integra Boost also has a wide range of applications in pharmaceutical, electronics, diagnostic kits, food preservation, clothing, powders, vitamins, consumer products, parts, etc.

Integra Boost Humidiccant utilizes a patent pending technology that maintains optimum humidity levels within the contained environment around your product at the levels of 62% or 55% by absorbing the excess moisture or releasing the moisture as the environment’s humidity levels decline.

Hanging Dessicant is another great product that HumiBoost offers. It’s major usage can be observed in the enclosed areas or rooms such as cabinets and pantries, where excess humidity causes uncalled-for problems as they ruin the quality of products stored in those rooms.

Why Choose HumiBoost?

1. HumiBoost products could prevent pharmaceuticals salts used in the medicines to soak up extra moisture which could lead the machinery to clog and even affect the effectiveness of the medicine.

2. Integra Boost Humidity pack could protect your electronic devices from a continual humidity exposure generally causing decrease in the insulation resistance of electronic devices and the devices may start earthing; could even lead to short circuit.

3. Integra Boost pack is a perfect solution when it comes to preserve the dry food from getting bacterial growth and mold formation, thus preventing the food from getting contaminated.

Available Sizes at 62% capacity: 67g, 8g, 4g
Available Sizes at 55% capacity: 67g, 8g, 4g
Available Packagings: Individually wrapped bags
Bulk Packaging: Batches of boxes
Retail Packages also available.