Humidity indicator card is a non-electronic device used to indicate the levels of humidity inside the environment it is placed in. The indications are as perfect as any electronic device and it can be reused up-to twenty times. Humidity indicator cards are tested for accuracy and can demonstrate the results back and forth with decrease or increase in humidity. 

How does it work:

Indicator cards have blue-colored impregnated spots which are highly sensitive to temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and wind- and turn pink to demonstrate a relatively humid environment while humidity indicator blue color represents dry environment. Due to high sensitivity to wind, the card is usually works better in enclosed spaces.

Each of the six spots indicates the percentage of humidity in the range of:
10% | 20% | 30% | 40% | 50% | 60%

Humidity Indicator available: 10% to 60%

Available Packagings: Individually wrapped sachet

Bulk Packaging: Batches of boxes and cans